Monday, October 16, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Monday morning here and I want to make a quick entry here about the rest of the weekend...

We tried to go to church we drove to San Diego, but the border crossing took too long so we had lunch, went to WalMart and got a few items and then to the storage unit to get a couple of kitchen equipment boxes. Then we met our cousin Michelle, she is married to my cousin Jimmie who is in the Marine Corps we visited had dinner and went to a exotic bird store where one of the kids works. That was neat. We left right as it was getting dark and got home around 8:45 at night. When we got home the kids were pretty wound up and it took forever to get them to fall asleep. A side note about Michelle, she is from Reno too and when she was a little kid her family went to RCF, like back when Jim Kilgore was doing the worship. She told me last week how they they had a going away party for Jim and she was so sad he was leaving she was crying.

As we were driving, as Misty was driving actually we talked about how the week went and Misty told me she really liked talking to the people from the house building teams that were here for a couple days and the best part was when she was home with Emily and would be doing something on the computer or cleaning up the place and Emily would come to her and say: "sit Mama, sit" then they would cuddle together.

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Randy said...

Just wanted you to know someone was keeping up with your entries! Thanks for taking the time to post so makes us feel like we're right there with you!

How's the support coming?