Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fellowship Forum

every year we have a big house build with a lot of people that come down that have been here before. The event is called the Fellowship Forum, we will build 5 houses on Sunday and Monday; this group is a deluxe team so that means that they are staying at a hotel at night and not here on the base and usually they eat breakfasts and dinners at the hotel but on Monday they will all be here for breakfast. Its going to be a tremendous breakfast! I heve been getting ready for this for several days now, I dropped off a shopping list at Costco on Christmas eve in the afternoon, and yesterday I paid for all the stuff that was picked and today it will be delivered and sorted out for the 5 teams. Now I just hope for nice calm weather, but it has been really windy during the days and sometimes a lot of rain so I and waiting and seeing.

Christmas was fun, the kids got their presents and we had dinner at home and hung out together. We got to see our friend William Keomany who visits here; William brought some gifts for the kids and Joey got and Action Figure, for a day he was calling it an Action Finger. That was a good laugh for a while but I helped gently straighten him out.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Season is upon us here....

We are in the Christmas season, at YWAM Ensenada, it is about to get really quiet for a couple of weeks, lots of people will go home to visit, some of us will stay here and finish another week of school, and spend a family Christmas together in Mexico. Take a deep breath and get ready to build a bunch of houses during the week between Christmas and New Years.

We had a Staff Conference and land dedication event the first 3 days of the week in Tijuana, the Tijuana Rosarita property is just about ready to occupy and use and we were all there to celebrate and dedicate and pray for what will happen there. So I (Bill) made it to monday and it was awesome worship and the messages by the speakers was good, I didn't have to worry about arranging anything involving the lunches or dinner and I was able to fully engage myself in what was going on. What a change, I really liked it, Misty was in Sparks, Nevada on Tuesday and Wednesday to celebrate her friend Lisa's birthday. Yeah Lisa, looking great at 39!

Last night we had our annual Ensenada Christmas party, we had food, presents and fun. Things were starting to get ugly as a nice snuggly warm bathrobe was repeatedly taken and retaken, and again and again past counting; finally, the presents exchange was finished and the entertainment started and that was the cue to take kids home and get pajamas on and watch them run around with the new Barbie and Nerf Dart gun.