Monday, August 27, 2007

Family Time!

Ok, so here I am a little sooner than the last time. It has been a pretty good past few days; we had my cousin Jimmie and his family came down. They arrived on Friday evening and we had a good time visiting, playing on the beach, shopping at the Bufadora, and just having family time. They helped clean up after breakfast, that’s always nice and it was good to finally get them out here to visit. Chris took some awesome pictures with his new camera, it is a large SLR digital camera with all kinds of useful features. I love digital cameras and how you can take the pictures and stick them on the computer and see them or post them on your Blog or Myspace , facebook page whatever.

Joey was in the courtyard today and one of the other little kids on the base was riding his bike without training wheels so Joey gave it a try and was able to do it and so then we went to the parking lot of the apartments and Joey rode his bike around, Mom and Dad were feeling so proud of him as he rode around.

We are looking forward to a quiet week, I have the new cycle menu written for the coming fall and I am looking forward to what is ahead the next few months.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Update on the Moss's

Dear readers;

Sorry we haven’t written lately, Bill, the regular writer has been too lazy when he finally has a free bit of time. So much stuff has happened the past few weeks; so much that I can even follow the English 101 standard essay format. We went to San Diego and went to the circus, the last cycle of Mission Adventures went down, we said goodbye to just about all the summer staffers, went to dinner with everyone to celebrate the work we did, and we painted our apartment and have been making the place more and more like home.

The Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers circus was in San Diego last month and we took the kids there. My favorite part of the circus is the pre show on the floor where you get to see the clowns up close and animals too. We also got to dress up in costumes too, I have been to this circus a few years ago and I love the way they keep the excitement going the whole time from the moment you enter the building to when you are leaving. While in san Diego we also got to visit the Hurst Family; their kids are the same age as Emily and Joseph. Caleb is just a couple months older than Joey and Chloe is 1 day older than Emily, the kids really love each other and as soon as we start heading to San Diego it is the major part of the conversation: “I want to see Caleb and Chloe” Joey also likes the mom too, “ I want to see Miss Laura” Sorry Joey she’s too old for you.

The last cycle was great, it was a lot more manageable since we only had 2 groups with us, a team from Canada and a team from Montana. The team from Montana had a leader who’s name was Joey, he and Joey Moss were together in the mornings Joey thought it was the greatest that someone has the same name as he does. We were down to only a third of the summer staffers that came down during the last cycle and now just about everyone is gone, a few are going to stay for a couple more weeks and work in departments helping out. Last night we went to the local Brazilian BBQ buffet restaurant. It is called Pampas and you come in and get your table and go around the Buffet for the various salad items and a couple of other hot items and then while you are eating the waiters come around and have different meats on swords that they bring around and cut you a piece. You have beef, pork, chicken, sausages, bacon wrapped shrimp, lamb and then sometimes they turn the lights down low and bring out stuff I cannot identify, it tastes good though so it would be a disservice to call it Mystery Meat, it is Mysterious to me though.

I took off from work on Wednesday and Thursday and Misty and I painted the living room and dining room in our apartment; we did a dark blue and a dark beige color scheme and it really looks nice. It is a good experience when we work together, and that’s one of the things I really like about what we are doing here, working together. Yesterday the progress was faster than today; we worked along and finished painting around 12:30 in the afternoon. This morning Joey cut his cheek on Emily’s dollhouse after he got out of the shower and was starting to get dressed. So we had to bandage that up and had a nurse look at it and do the first patch job. We have a cool photo just ask we'll send it to ya.

Joe stayed home and was around as we did the last bit of painting and finished at nearly 3 in the afternoon. As the painting progressed we also cleaned the area rugs and cleaned all the dust and crap that accumulates behind dressers, chests and couches, our home is nice and clean, at least the front part is…..

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