Friday, September 12, 2008

His days consisted of playing with dirt and a dog

We have people who come to the door of the kitchen asking for leftovers or water. A drunk guy coming from the beach stopped by to ask for a taco. If we have food we give it! We offer a glass of juice, water or a cup of coffee. A woman who is in her 30's dropped by with her three year old son. As we began to listen to her story we found out that her husband and her live nearby in a small trailer with no electricity or running water. They didn’t come here under the greatest of circumstances, We don’t really know the exact story but we do know it involves the husband and people that wear uniforms and badges. The little boy Aidan would be covered head to foot with dirt, he was a true boy, his days consisted of playing in the dirt with his only friend the family dog. We would give the family food, and we would think is there anything else we can do? One of our staff members and our human resources department begin to speak with her. She began to do some simple task around the base to help out. Then as time went by and relationships began we saw how God was working in this family. John was able to get a paying job, Linda helps us on a regular basis in the kitchen and Aidan has started his first year of kindergarten, a real milestone for him is learning to play with other kids and begin the process of getting more socialized. Since he has never been around other kids we have had to help him learn about finding a toilet to pee in when he had the urge, previously he would just whip it out and go wherever he was standing outside. We are all excited to be apart of this families story. It all started with seeing a need and meeting that need and then journeying

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Speakers, Home work, and...

OH MY! This week has been amazing and it's only Wednesday! I (misty) have been attending a "Go Team Seminar". This seminar is giving us essential tools for building support. It's been exciting and draining at the same time. We get to make vision/mission statements, revamp budgets, research websites, newsletters, draw up communication pieces, etc. all the while listening to some amazing stories, and biblical philosophy on how God has and will provide. It's all right up my alley! I love this kind of stuff!
Then... I hear that negative voice in the back of my head say, You can't do this... You're not good enough... You should pack it in... You are a failure... Has God really chosen you and Bill to do this...

ABSOLUTELY HE HAS!! and I recognized that all those little voices are LIES from the PIT.

Bill and I have a passion to encourage and serve others in anyway the Lord sees fit. If that means fixing sandwiches and cooking scrumptious meals for teams to come down to build a home for a family who has nothing. Than we will do it! We love being apart of what God is doing here in Ensenada. We also would like to journey alongside you and others who have chosen to share the message of God's mercy, love and grace, to others! We are all tools for God! No matter where we live and what we are doing, we are all about building the Kingdom of God in every nation, in every city, in every work place, and HOME.

SO YES I can do this! YES I am Good Enough! YES I should be prepared to move at any notice wherever God is leading our family, and lastly I have not failed, I'm only starting to grasp all that God has planned for us.... Well the last one is a stretch:) Who can even grasp God. But you get what I mean! Be encouraged friends! I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Phil. 1:6

Amen!! let's get in the GAME:)

Friday, September 05, 2008


Mission adventures is over and now we welcome the Homes of Hope season. These past couple of weeks we have been cleaning the base and getting the kids off to begin a new year in school. Joey is attending a private school for Grade one and Emily is in her second year of Kindergarten at the same private school as last year. She even has the same teacher! Both of the kids are excited to begin school again. Bill and Misty are excited for the fall to come, to us it means new teams, new students attending DTS, and new staff to pour into. Bill has been praying about starting a class for Mexicans to learn English. This past week we found out that a Juvenile Hall has offered to let our Youth Ministry "Revolution" in and they would like us to teach English twice a week to about 20 or so High schoolers. Praise God! Bill will begin this adventure in October. Misty has been given the task of aiding the Base leader in various duties, one she has come particularly fond of is transportation. She is using her organizational skills to insure that people who visit our facility get picked up from the airport and make it all the way down to our base and then back home again. She's really good at it, and enjoys it. She is also beginning a small group for the staff ladies. This too will begin in October. She's in the midst of searching for material to study. So if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to sign in and give your idea, she is always open for ideas! We are so blessed to be able to do this adventure! We thank God everyday for those of who are supporting us on a daily basis. Please know that we could not do this with out your prayers and finical support! So to you we say THANK YOU! You are making a life long difference for sure!!