Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
OK, so it is Sunday and I m here to report some stuff about the week we just had.

During the Discipleship Training School our subject was the Father Heart of God. Our speaker was a man from North Carolina named Jack Kody, he did a really good job, we met Jack last October when we were first here in Ensenada. He travels to various YWAM bases and spends a week at a time teaching this subject to the DTS's that are going on there. He had a very relaxed natural style of teaching and really connected with us during the week. He was also a major blessing to us as a couple because he kind of rearranged what he was talking about to address things that were going on with Misty on thursday. Next week we have a guy named Peter Ilian who will be talking about having a lifestyle of repentence.

Misty had a meeting with Joey's teacher the other night, He has a new Teacher the other one had to leave due to health reasons. Bill was having to finish serving dinner so one of the DTS staffers from Mexico went with to translate, her name is Kathy. Other news...Bill is still sick. he has a sore throat, it hurts and it hurts even worse to swallow. We are still having internet connectivity problems, I was on for a couple of hours the other night, but there has been only very intermittent service other than that. We need to get some sort of amplifier for the wireless in the courtyard or something. It is much less convenient doing this in the internet lounge. I work best when I get up early and have some time to think about what I am saying.

Here is one more bit of really neat news for us as a family, our DTS class will be participating as a class in a house buiding project in the next few weeks, that will be an awesome experience since we will get to be there from start to finish instead of just showing up for a while like we have done other times.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here is a picture of the mountains with the first Ensenada snow in 20 years! Posted by Picasa

This is Misty's collage of pictures of fellow students in the DTS Posted by Picasa

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

Hi from the Moss Family adventure, we have been having a bear of a time trying to get posts through. This the third try, there is some sort of internet connectivity problems here.
We are in the second week of the DTS that Misty is attending.
Joey and Emily are in school, school is in full swing again after the Christmas break.
We had a very busy weekend this past weekend with 4 houses being built and us all going out to help set up the tables and feed the teams. Saturday was really cold and rainy, Sunday was a little nicer just cold outside.

I will try to post with more details and pictures or something but for now this is all.

Love Bill for the mossfamily adventure.

ps the YWAM site is

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Best Friend


Joey and Emily have found two friends who happen to be brother and sister as well. Their names are Kory and Sophia. They are 5 and 3. The kids are having tons of fun playing at the YWAM base. If they aren't running around playing super heroes, then it's Hot wheels, or swinging on the swings, or playing Hide and Seek. The girls love to play with their babies, and watch any Disney, Veggie Tail, Pixar, etc. film they can. When Kory and his family arrived last July he didn't speak any English. Today, only 7 months from his arrival and he's really fluent in English, Sophia only speaks Spanish, so it's fun watching the girls communicate.

Bill and I have been really busy getting food prepared for the teams that have been arriving. We have two teams here this week both are from Calgary. One of the teams is a big Skateboarding group. They so far have taken out a pillar at our apartment complex, managed to get one of our vans onto the beach and then can't for some reason get it out of the sand dune the parked it in, damaged two of our dorm rooms, and this is only the first night. WOW!! Canadians really know how to party!

I have received a few error messages regarding some of our e-letters that have been going out. We do send one out every month so if you haven't received yours it could be that it has bounced back to us. If this has happened let us know and I'll send another one to you with the correct E-mail. We really want to keep in contact with you all so that you know how our adventure is going. We also have been experiencing some internet problems, so if the blog site isn't up to date check back it could be because our server was down. We do have a picture of Manuel our Costco friend, we just need to post it up here, we tried early before the letter was sent and we just found out that it didn't post so we will try again.

Our DTS class begins on Monday the 8th (happy B-Day Grandma Mary). I'm pretty excited! I've seen the last class and some have shared with me their experiences and I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family. There are 15 others attending the oldest one it 23 so Bill and I are the grandparents once again!! We are okay with it. We'll let you know how it goes when we get into it. For now if you can continue to pray for our finances, that would be great! We are about 700.00 a month in the red each month. If you fell that God is leading you to join our adventure and support us, you may;

Use Snail mail (100 W. 35th Street National City, CA 91950) a check made out to YWAM SD/Baja(please make sure you DO NOT write our name anywhere on your check just include a note with "Moss Family" on it)
*You can give electronically online, YWAM San Diego / Baja YWAM San Diego/Baja on this website under Donate on line, it's on the left hand column mid way down there are two options.
Option 1 Donate online, you can fill out the info below and make sure you use the drop down menu at Projects and pick Staff Support and type "Bill Moss" then go to step 2 and so on.
Option 2 is for Direct Deposit and requires you to print out the form and mail it in with a voided check.
Any option you choose is totally up to you.

We'd love to have you join us on our adventure! Posted by Picasa