Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I know what you did last Friday!

Friday morning we went with a staffer from the Homes of Hope Follow Up, and we took a couple of ladies from a colonia to the office that holds their mortgage papers. They had houses built for them during the winter, and the families that had came down to build later sent money to pay off the property; they both owed about 4000 dollars and I was the guy that got to carry the money. It was a good experience. On the way there and back we were talking to our Homes of Hope staffer, her name is Esther Gastelum and she has a sweet little baby named Iliana.
Other news is that we keep going back and forth on Misty's outreach, as I type though tickets have been purchased and Misty is going to go to Peru for a week along with Sam Kemp who is married to Tym Kemp the DTS director. While there she will be working at the YWAM base in Peru, I will be here in Ensenada with the kids and will work in the kitchen and shop while the kids are in school. The rest of the time I will be chasing them around and hoping for the best. I'm excited for Misty though and I think she will be a real blessing to the other students when she gets there.
We have had a little extra time in the mornings or afternoons lately and have taken several walks on the beach. It can be very soothing as you are walking in the sand and looking at shells and having the waves crash so loudly that you cannot hear anything. It's a good walk though and another interesting part is that a road is getting built right behind the YWAM base and we get to see the latest progress. The builders have put down the basic shape of the road and have installed sewer pipes and storm drains near us and then the road is packed down with dirt, sand and some cement mixed in. And down the street they are laying down the 12 inch thick slabs of concrete to finish the job. One day in the future it will be nice when all the dirt roads around here are paved and there is less dust floating around.
So thats all for now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sorry it's been a while...

Hey everybody!!

Today is Wednesday and we are in the midst of the last week of spring programs. We only have one group here, they are from Virginia and it is a smaller group of people. This has gone on for 6 weeks, at the beginning it was crazy, I was really overwhelmed at first with all the work going on but I got through it and I learned some things as well. I am getting more and more items delivered here, and we now have a new storage pantry to keep food safe and in sufficient quantities.

Today a couple of our leaders are going to BBQ for us for dinner, I look forward to that. The kids are doing great, and I am getting tired of saying this but their spanish is going great, I think its better than mine at this point. This is really good, Joey and Emily are able to play with the other kids now and we even have a frequent visitor named John Alexander who lives upstairs, he is 6; I think he likes the toys the most. They run around outside with the plastic guns and then come in for the V- Smile.

We are supposed to go to Tepic next Monday for 2 weeks, I hope so, its for Misty's DTS outreach since we didn't go to Peru with the other students. After that I have a conference at the end of May and then we are into summer programs. I think that will go better for me now that I have experienced it and I feel ready.