Monday, August 28, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

I saw this guy on You Tube today adn I wanted to post this up here to see again. I wish he was my neighbor.

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
We met with the Global Outreach Commitee last night, the meeting went well, I think we were able to let them Know waht we are doing and what is going in Ensenada. We are going to be supported by Sparks Christian Fellowship, that's a good thing. After we got done I called Brett Curtis (Chief Operating Officer of YWAM San Siego/ Baja), he is excited for us and wants us to come down real soon. We are praying, and if everything was ready I would be there yesterday. We will see. I guess that will be my next post


Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Well, today is a Saturday morning and I am up drinking some coffee and thinking about what I will do in the next hour or so while I wait for Misty to get up. We have an errend to run; we need to pick up a Toddler bed from a friend we had given/loaned. Emily is still in her crib and although she hasn't totally outgroan the crib its time to move on. She has been in that for much longer than her brother was. Joey would wake up and start screaming and crying till you got him up so we had him with thte crib modified to kiddie bed about as soon as he could walk. Emily sleeps later and if she does wake up the she sits in the crib playing with the stuffed animals.
This past week we have gone to the Sparks Marina and taken a walk around the lake there, last night we saw a bunch of people we know and were saying hi over and over again. It was like a dream, we ended up walking and talking with Rich and Sherry. rich is Misty's boss at work, we really like Rich. He is a good guy, smart, organized, does well when he is talking to the students when he is at his job as a Youth Pastor. He is a good father, and is really an example to me of grace under pressure. His oldest son has cancer, I am not an Oncologist so I can't explain all the stuff involved but I guess there is a possibility of his son dying soon. The whole story of all that will be covered in a separate entry sometime soon. The main thing is that Rich is good, it makes it hard for Misty to go he is such a god person to work for. Right now Misty's work goes very smooth because Rich is organized.
Enough for now, Tomorrow is an important meeting with the Global Outreach Committee at church. We will talk to them about our plans and hopefully get supported by Sparks Christian Fellowship in our Adventure. I will post about of course it is very pertinent to this BLOG.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

We will cross every border
Throw wide every door
Joining our hands across the nations
We’ll proclaim Jesus is Lord

We will break sins oppression
Speak out for the poor
Announce the coming of Christ’s kingdom
From east to west and shore to shore

We will gather in the harvest
And work while its day
Though we may sow with tears of sadness
We will reap with shouts of joy

Soon our eyes shall see His glory
The Lamb our risen Lord
When He receives from every nation
His blood bought bride
His great reward
Then we’ll proclaim Jesus is Lord
We shall proclaim Jesus is Lord

One day in 1994 I was listening to a Worship CD a friend had loaned me. It was the first March For Jesus CD and I was really liking it. As the music went on and I was in my room I was really touched by the Lord. And when the song Cross Every Border finished I prayed.. I want to do your thing God, not my thing. I was just so overwhelmed with the vision declared in the song and also the last verse just blew me away.

I trace my getting serious about wanting to go to Mercy Ships and also our plans to go to Ensenada with YWAM back to that morning.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

Here is a video from Hisgh Schoolers from our church that went to Ensenada Mexico on their summer mission trip.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

i am trying to really gget wild and crazy here and try to post video.
1st attempt

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
I wanted to post this thing from YWAM also for informational purposes. Especially for friends or family members who get to look at our BLOG.

The Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) affirms the Bible as the authoritative word of God and, with the Holy Spirit's inspiration, the absolute reference point for every aspect of life and ministry. Based upon God's word, who He is, and His initiative of salvation, the following responses are strongly emphasized in YWAM:Worship: We are called to praise and worship God aloneHoliness: We are called to lead holy and righteous lives that exemplify the nature and character of GodWitness: We are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know HimPrayer: We are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people and causes on God's heart, including standing against evil in every formFellowship: We are called to commit to the Church in both its local nurturing expression and its mobile multiplying expressionThe Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission are the expression of our basic beliefs coupled with specific directives given by God since YWAM's beginning in 1960. They are recorded here in order to pass on to successive generations that which God has emphasized to us. These shared beliefs and values are the guiding principles for both the past and future growth of our mission. Some are common to all Christians everywhere; others are distinctive to Youth With A Mission. The combination of these beliefs and values make up the unique family characteristics of YWAM--our "DNA." They are values we hold in high regard which determine who we are, how we live and how we make decisions.

1. KNOW GOD YWAM is committed to know God, His nature, His character and His ways. We seek to reflect who He is in every aspect of our lives and ministry. The automatic overflow of knowing and enjoying fellowship with God is a desire to share Him with others.
2. MAKE GOD KNOWN YWAM is called to make God known throughout the whole world, and into every arena of society through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. We believe that salvation of souls should result in transformation of societies, thus obeying Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations.
3. HEAR GOD'S VOICE YWAM is committed to creating with God through listening to Him, praying His prayers and obeying His commands in matters great and small. We are dependent upon hearing His voice as individuals, together in team contexts and in larger corporate gatherings. This is an integral part of our process for decision making.
4. PRACTICE WORSHIP AND INTERCESSORY PRAYER YWAM is dedicated to worship Jesus and engage in intercessory prayer as integral aspects of daily life. We also recognize the intent of Satan to destroy the work of God and we call upon God's power and the Holy Spirit to overcome his strategies in the lives of individuals and in the affairs of nations.
5. BE VISIONARY YWAM is called to be visionary, continually receiving, nurturing and releasing fresh vision from God. We support the pioneering of new ministries and methods, always willing to be radical in order to be relevant to every generation, people group, and sphere of society. We believe that the apostolic call of YWAM requires the integration of spiritual eldership, freedom in the Spirit and relationship, centered on the Word of God.
6. CHAMPION YOUNG PEOPLE YWAM is called to champion youth. We believe God has gifted and called young people to spearhead vision and ministry. We are committed to value them, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them. They are not only the Church of the future; they are the Church of today. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God.
7. BE BROAD-STRUCTURED AND DECENTRALIZED YWAM is broad-structured and diverse, yet integrated. We are a global family of ministries held together by shared purpose, vision, values and relationship. We believe that structures should serve the people and the purposes of God. Every ministry at every level has the privilege and responsibility of accountability to a circle of elders, with overall international accountability to the YWAM Global Leadership Team.
8. BE INTERNATIONAL AND INTERDENOMINATIONAL YWAM is international and interdenominational in its global scope as well as its local constituency. We believe that ethnic, linguistic and denominational diversity, along with redeemed aspects of culture, are positive factors that contribute to the health and growth of the mission.
9. HAVE A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW YWAM is called to a Biblical worldview. We believe that the Bible makes a clear division between good and evil; right and wrong. The practical dimensions of life are no less spiritual than the ministry expressions. Everything done in obedience to God is spiritual. We seek to honor God with all that we do, equipping and mobilizing men and women of God to take roles of service and influence in every arena of society.
10. FUNCTION IN TEAMS YWAM is called to function in teams in all aspects of ministry and leadership. We believe that a combination of complementary gifts, callings, perspectives, ministries and generations working together in unity at all levels of our mission provides wisdom and safety . Seeking God's will and making decisions in a team context allows accountability and contributes to greater relationship, motivation, responsibility and ownership of the vision.
11. EXHIBIT SERVANT LEADERSHIP YWAM is called to servant leadership as a lifestyle, rather than a leadership hierarchy. A servant leader is one who honors the gifts and callings of those under his/her care and guards their rights and privileges. Just as Jesus served His disciples, we stress the importance of those with leadership responsibilities serving those whom they lead.
12. DO FIRST, THEN TEACH YWAM is committed to doing first, then teaching. We believe that firsthand experience gives authority to our words. Godly character and a call from God are more important than an individual's gifts, abilities and expertise.
13. BE RELATIONSHIP-ORIENTED YWAM is dedicated to being relationship-oriented in our living and working together. We desire to be united through lives of holiness, mutual support, transparency, humility, and open communication, rather than a dependence on structures or rules.
14. VALUE THE INDIVIDUAL YWAM is called to value each individual. We believe in equal opportunity and justice for all. Created in the image of God, people of all nationalities, ages and functions have distinctive contributions and callings. We are committed to honoring God-given leadership and ministry gifts in both men and women.
15. VALUE FAMILIES YWAM affirms the importance of families serving God together in missions, not just the father and/or mother. We encourage the development of strong and healthy family units, with each member sharing the call to missions and contributing their gifts in unique and complementary ways.
16. RELY ON RELATIONSHIP-BASED SUPPORT YWAM is called to a relationship-based support system, depending upon God and His people for financial provision, both corporately and individually. We believe that relationship-based support promotes responsibility, accountability, communication, and mutual prayer. It involves the donor as a partner in ministry. As God and others have been generous toward us, so we desire to be generous. YWAMers give themselves, their time and talents to God through the mission with no expectation of remuneration.
17. PRACTICE HOSPITALITY YWAM affirms the ministry of hospitality as an expression of God's character and the value of people. We believe it is important to open our hearts, homes and campuses to serve and honor one another, our guests and the poor and needy, not as acts of social protocol, but as expressions of generosity.

here is a picture of us at the San Diego Zoo

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The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

OK another day is starting here in Reno. Misty is working at her job and I am home with the kids for now. Usually we have been swimming in the late morning or afternoon but it is a little bit cooler and windy in the day so I think I will take the kids to the park. Meanwhile I am fighting with our digital camera so we can download pictures from our trip we took to San Diego and Ensenada.