Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Joey's Turning 6

Yep he made it to 6 well almost. Joey's birthday is June 13 and once again we are hosting Dress up as a Superhero birthday party! All the staff and the Mission Adventure staff get so excited to make their costumes it a great sight and a wonderful time for Joey and the base kids to not to be the only ones dressed up. If you would like to contribute to Joey's b-day, you can send him b-day cards, E-mail notes, Legos, Any action figures, or whatever God puts on  your heart. He loves to get mail and who doesn't love to get presents. If you have a desire to send something off to Joe or Emily or any of the base kids, send them to Joey Moss Ywam Ensenada Base 1oo west 35th street Suite C, National City, CA 91950.

Bill and Misty this whole week have been in training for Mission Adventures, It's been great getting to know these students. We can't wait for Sparks Christian Fellowship to come down and serve alongside us this summer. This year they will be building a home for the Hernandez Chavez Family. Gillermo age 20 and his wife Azucena age 35, Erik age 18, Areli age 11, Jorge age 5. The text below is from the Homes of Hope selection.   

Gillermo and Azucena have been married for 2 years.  Guillermo is Azucena’s second husband.  5 years ago she decided to separate from the father of her children because he hit her a lot. 


Her husband is very young, but very responsible.  He loves Azucena and her children like they were his own.  Her and her mother-in-law bought a piece of land on credit, and are sharing the payments. When they finish paying off the lot, they are going to change the title to be for two separate lots.  Their property is divided into two parts, and on her mother-in-law’s side, another organization built her a small wood house because she had always lived with Azucena. Please be in prayer for this family and for the Sparks Christian Fellowship team that will be building their home