Thursday, July 02, 2009


Joey graduated from first grade, Emily graduated from Kinder 2 and now Bill has graduated from the School of Worship. What milestones in all of our lives! Joe and Emily have "exhibition" for Gymnastic and this time the parents will be involved.
Here's a short clip from Emily's class with Misty helping out. It's okay to laugh, we sure did!
We love to see the kids interact with the other kids, and their Spanish is amazing! Misty and Bill too have made some friends while sitting on the bench with the other parents. This is what doing life is all about. Getting out and trying new things and sparking up conversations and hearing each other stories.

Just yesterday as Misty had finished cleaning the restrooms she was taking out the garbage to the big green container on the side of the road. When she went to throw the garbage bags in the dumpster out popped a head of a homeless man. "Hola" she said and he began to speak back in English. Shocked, Misty listened intently to his story, "I'm from New York" he states, and then proceeds to tell her all about his travels and why he is here and his life story. He really wanted someone to hear him. She asked his name and if he would like a drink and some food. She assumed he was hungry since why else would someone be in the dumpster. He said yes, and away Misty went to get some food. When she arrived at the front door where she told Edgardo to meet her he didn't show. She looked down the block he wasn't there. She looked all over to try to find him but nothing. Odd she thought. Then she sent up a little prayer "please help Edgardo, Lord help him find food, peace, and a place to rest his head."

Do you ever wonder why we have encounter like these? Ever wonder when you are standing in line at a store how that other person in front of you is doing? Or if they may need a prayer, help, or anything? It's interesting to see how God uses all things, all people, for His purposes. Let us encourage you to spark up conversation with someone today, pray for that person in front of you. You may not know their needs but God does. Don't know what to say how about a Hi and a smile! or even a good morning/afternoon. Just try it. Then write us, let us know your experience.