Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays-Love, Bill, Misty, Joey and Emily

Tuesday, December 08, 2009



We have now been here on Vacation for a week and we are very rested, and been having a good time playing video games, playing in the snow and visiting. Today we started something very important, we took the kids in for a checkup at the doctors office; now we get to go to a Pediatric Opthamologist, get cavities filled at the dentist, get immunizations, and buy more medicines. Its so less expensive to be blissfully ignorant, but its also nice to know that we are catching some issues before its too late. Joey played his Ben Ten Alien Force game and got all the way through it in 4 days this time because he didn't have the usual interruption of School or friends getting in his way. I found a used Wii Ski and Snowboard game to play and we have been doing a lot of skiing and snowboarding. I am doing pretty good, I have earned all sorts of cool skiing gear that would have costed me a few hundred thousand dollars, I have also been hit by numerous avalanches, and fallen off the side of a cliff that leads to blackness about 20 times. So I guess Im lucky to be writing this; I should be missing forever or laid up in a hospital bed in Canada.

This coming week we are planning on seeing more friends, playing music with family, spending a lot of time at the doctors, and trying to stay warm. We are so blessed to be here though, and so blessed to get vacation time. I have worked jobs that required you to work for 5 years there before you were able to earn this much vacation time, so again we are very blessed. Thank you everyone who reads this and supports us in your prayers and financially even.
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Monday, December 07, 2009

What's SNOW with everybody lately?

 So its Monday December 7 and we are a week into our vacation, we have had a great time playing, traveling, seeing friends but this post is about Snow! we haven't seen much of that stuff the past few years and  now we are catching up on our relationship with that fluffy, wet, cold, snow. Snow means shoveling, snowtires and chains, wet floors, excited children, a wet puppy with snow on all 4 legs and her nose. Joey and Emily are really excited to run around in the snow and play in it,  
and we are excited to have to get some more appropriate cold weather clothing for them so their feet dont get wet.
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