Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello Readers,

We have been home for about a month now, we celebrated Christmas, sent the fall DTS away on outreach to Peru, received the January DTS 23 students, hosted
 2 sets of Deluxe teams, and the kids started school after a long winter break.
We got to visit our cousin Jimmy for a couple of days right after New Years, his mom passed away and he came home on leave from Iraq. Considering the circumstances it was a good visit. We hung out, played board games, Misty got to go see Chris our cousins get sworn in to the Marine Corps, and Joey went to the Marine Corps base and came home with a regulation haircut they call it "high and tight".  It's growing out now and he's going let the freak flag fly for now, maybe in the spring we can get it cut again.
Joseph and Emily have been enjoying school, last Monday Mom and Dad went to watch the "honoring the flag" ceremony; it is a big deal there, so much so that if you are late to school during the previous week you do not get to participate. Misty is planning to post the video that we shot soon. Joey is getting more independent at home and doesn't need to be constantly entertained, and we are getting ready to change bed arrangements for the kids; we are going to put in a top bunk for Joey and put Emily on the twin size bed below and graduate Emily from the little toddler bed.  Emily is excited to have a big bed.
Bill has a kitchen team now, and we hired a guy named Salvador from Ensenada to help out with cleaning for a few months.  Salvador has been a huge blessing to us all and is filling a need we have on the base to just help out in the kitchen and clean and organize.  Also two other YWAMers, Saul and Moises are helping with the cooking also.
So that's what is going on lately, keep reading we will be posting again soon.