Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

Hey everybody, I didn't post too much last week it was a hard week to get through. We have been pretty sad about Richie Shannon and his going home to be with the Lord. We have told a few others but it is hard to help them understand the whole situation so they can't really be on the same page with you when you tell them what's going on. I have noticed this sometimes throughout my life about myself and others (not you the reader of course) we are all in our own little world and don't really care too much about other people or places very often. Hopefully I don't sound too much like a Grinch here.

OK so during the weekend we went into San Diego and visited my cousin, went to church, and went to the store. Misty needed a Jacket, I bought a few dry food items that I wanted to use but could not find in Ensenada. I got some spices that do not involve hot chile peppers, some Arborio rice to make Risotto with and also a big bag of Basmati Rice for the Saffron Rice we will eat on Friday. Saffron is cheap in Mexico, it is grown here somewhere and you can get a decent sized bag for around 4 dollars or so at Smart and Final. It is not the Saffron from India but it is still good. The spices will be used when I make some sausage here. I can buy pork with no problem at Costco but the main sausage that is found here is Chorizo and it is hot, spicy and very greasy. I am going to make some Italian ground sausage, and some breakfast sausage patties.

The past week was a lot of work, of course we had Thanksgiving and that turned out really well; we also had two teams to feed that were building houses over the weekend right after Thanksgiving. One team was one of the Deluxe build that was a real estate developer and his family and others. They stay at a hotel instead of the base and a couple other items were also in their lunches. So there I was on Thursday morning at Costco with Misty finding the snacks and other lunch items I needed to put in their lunch coolers. We have another group like that coming right after Christmas so I am ready now, it should go smoother. During the week we also were hosting a church from Seattle, Washington. It was a lot of people and I ended up having a great time with them. We had so many people helping out with the meals and cleaning and plus we had a brother and sister working in the kitchen during the early mornings. Their names were Forest and Andrea and they totally helped out in an amazing way.

I want to say also something about thanksgiving day, the best part was when it was time for the people to start going through the line to get food and eat and Joey grabbed a battery powered bullhorn that was laying around and started talking into it and giving everyone a big Thanksgiving day shout out.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

In Remeberance of Richie Shannon

Richie Shannon, was an amazing young man! Richie came to Ensenada YWAM base for the past two years, despite the cancer that was attacking his body. He swung a hammer, dressed up like a clown for the kids, played guitar, and did whatever was needed of him. Richie knew how to live life to the full! He will be terrible missed! We Love You Rich, Sheri, and Randy, we pray that you'll have tons of loving family and friends gathered around you. If you'd like to learn more about the extraordinary family you can read a journal that was kept by Rich and Sheri. Check out their site http://www3.caringbridge.org/nv/richie/
We are truly blessed to have know Richie, and know now that he is having an amazing Fiesta with our Savior!! Party on Richie TILL WE MEET AGAIN!

Time is so short! So people get living!!

From the Moss family in Mexico we would like to wish You all in the States a Happy Thanksgiving! And to our Canadian buddies Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

Ok it's a day early but still Happy Thanksgiving. I haven't posted a lot lately but I will try to get a bit more regular. I was getting tired of saying I am busy in the kitchen etc etc all the time. But, that's pretty much the story. Cooking, shopping for the food, kids in school or playing with other kids.... that's it on our end. As far as YWAM San Diego Baja, I guess about 16 houses have been built by teams while we have been here, as well as the conference we had in October. My part in all of this is to feed the people who are coming here and get the lunches made for teams and make sure all the supplies are purchased and here on the base to use. At some point we are going to get out and actually participate in a building project as a family, this will be good for us to see the bigger picture. We got to visit a building site last summer it was good to see but the best thing will be to actually participate in an actual building project. We will definately have a video of it.

Thanks to everyone that is involved in our adventure, we cannot be here without your prayers and financial support so thank you.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s

Here is something I found this morning when I was looking at the News Forum Lucianne dot com. Just click on the screen and Volia! You are an Artiste! Enjoy!!
The site is jacksonpollack.org

Friday, November 17, 2006

Emily in the Tub

Here is the tub we have for Joey and Emily to clean up in. This actually the second one we are using, the first one was cracked when we first used it. Emily had her bath and when it was Joey's turn we changed the water and told him to come in and so he shouted out something (should have been COWABUNGA) and jumped into the little tub and it broke. We have three of them around holding shoes and whatnot so we just switched one out the next day. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Monday morning
We are all here in San Diego staying at an apartment that YWAM has here and resting and having a weekend visiting my cousin and doing laundry.

Joey has a cute Batman costume from halloween that he wears, he looks really cool when he is riding around in the plastic kiddie car while wearing his batman suit. The quality of these outfits has increased dramatically since I was a child; now kids can wear their super hero or princess clothes all year long. Also they can mix and match. Cinderella dress combined with a Spiderman mask is my favorite; a couple of days ago Joey was "SuperBatman".

Tomorrow night we are going to have a wedding dinner party for a couple on the base, they are Julio and Ana. Ana works in hospitality getting rooms ready for visitors and Julio is busy doing a lot of everthing, now that I have been here a while I see that he is one of the people that holds our base together especially when there is something big going on. Since it is a big potluck I get to just make one thing to add to the party, I am making some roasted beef and I will get a special sauce together and we will have Roast Beef with Jardinierre Sauce.

I thought I would talk about what is also going on at Base in regards to "Spiritual Life" I hate to use that term, if you are truly doing everything to the glory of the Lord then there no difference between the sacred and the spiritual. Anyhow we have morning staff meetings during the work week and on day we have a short message usually by one of the staffers, the next day is intercessory prayer and then the next is worship time. We also have a community meeting on Thursday evenings, with worship and a message from ususally the visiting Discipleship Training School speaker. When we are working we try to remember to pray before we get started and when the DTS students come in the afternoons for work duties we pray with them also, as long as I remember. Also for me personally I have been doing the morning prayer from the Book of Common Prayer using an online edition.

Click here to see it
I usually use this because I try to have a quiet time together with God and this is a good tool for me to keep the focus on the Lord. I have noticed when I start to just pray everything starts to sound like ME ME ME ME ME. Anyone who is still reading will start laughing we know Bill it is all about you you you you you as you dominate the So called MOSS FAMILY ADVENTURE Blog. Hey I am aware of this, Joey and Emily can't read or write yet and Misty doesn't post as often as I do.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
So, as we continue on our adventure we have a couple of harder working days ahead. Misty is doing a project of organizing all the loose jumbled keys that were in a key box. The more she takes care the more that come out of the woodwork to be organized. Misty also took on helping people with visa issues get their passports photocopied. Today she is going to be helping me in the kitchen and with the shopping for the teams that are arriving tomorrow night. I bought some frozen shrimp and will be thawing it today and it is for tonights meal; I met the first person I really need to avoid when I bought the shrimp. Last spring long before I got here YWAM SDBAJA ended up hiring a local woman to cook when the kitchen manager went to the US, it was a nightmare and caused a lot of problems and is not really welcome here. I didn't know that until she walked in last week wanting to sell us shrimp and then returning a couple of days ago and wanting to help out in the kitchen with lunch. I thought sure I am shopping we need a hand so great come on in. I got back and heard the whole long bad story.

I talked on the phone with Brett Curtis yesterday I need to determine how much money I really need when I get the supplies for the meals and also the dry paper stuff we are husing to eat from. Then we are really getting rolling with getting some new equipment to put in the kitchen and I need to make a list of ovens etc and then the priority of what I need the most. I think the biggest thing right now is a double stacked convection oven, a dishwashing unit so we can use real plates and flatware etc and some stainless steel shelves to stack cans and other dry food items on.

Joey and Emily are doing well, Emilys hair is growing out, Misty can put little hair clips in it and she is talking more and more and is really cute when she is playing in the courtyard with all the kids at the YWAM base, she is also a little charmer as she gets to know everybody's name and says Hi. Joey is learrning more and more spanish words, he isn't fluent yet but we will probably get really going soon. The other day he said " daddy what does 'Cochino' mean?" I told him that 'Cochino' means Pig. Then Joey said that's what the kids at school say when he burps. I thought "GREAT" to myself and I guess whatever it takes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

I mentioned that I have a lot of work to do, but that isn't everything that is going on here...we have our teams that come to the base to build houses for families here in Ensenada. This weekend there are going to be two large teams that will be each building three houses over the course of the weekend. Every week on a bulletin board there is information and pictures of the families. I am trying to get to a building site so we can shoot some video and post it. I also see the families when they come to a meeting in the dining room on monday morning.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

My work week starts again and I have a huge task ahead that I see...
The easy part is the actual cooking, that is the fun part; the hard part is changing the way we work, that's what I have to do. I was off yesterday but I walked through the kitchen as I was on my way to make some coffee in the dining room. I saw the leftover stew still sitting on the counter in the kitchen. So the extra that we were going to use for monday's lunch as an extra item had to be tossed out. So that is the fourth time in a month that something wasn't put away and it had to be tossed out. I was so frustrated. I have a ton of other issues to address involving cleanliness, work ethic, neatness, laundry and more also. Like I said I have a huge task in front of me.

I have two people assigned to the kitchen right now one guy doesn't really cook but he is there for now. He can do a good job but he just needs to be told to do it, my other person is there and struggling. I am not sure what is really up with her, she is a nice person and has some good skills and talents but unfortunately they are not things really great in the kitchen. I hope and pray she finds something that she loves to do so she can really truly blossom as a human being and find whatever it is that the Lord has for her. I feel like her spirit has been crushed while she has been here or something.

On a lighter note, Misty and I went to lunch at some sort of Brazilian Buffet in Downtown Ensenada yesterday, they had a little salad bar with some hot items and then as you eat the waiter comes out with some meat on a big skewer and will stop at your table and slice a chunk off for you. They had beef, pork, lamb and turkey, and also some sausage made with turkey. So if you are traveling through Ensenada you should check it out. We also went to the beach and took a walk and buried our feet in the sand, someday we will go to one of the areas down the highway and spend some time at one of the beaches there, I guess if you ride down for another hor or so you get to the real isolated areas.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hallopalooza 06' at CVCF

This was an amazing night! Great outreach event for this church. Here is a note from the pastor of the church regarding this event.

November 2, 2006
Dear E-church,
Hallopalooza was awesome, and you all were amazing!!! Thanks to an extra advertising push from KUSI on Tuesday morning, we estimate we hosted more than 2,500 people who came from as far as Escondido to check out what we were doing. Some of the cool, subtle ways we were able to share the Gospel this year were awesome, and we are always working on ways to do this in the future.
John Soderman, a reporter from KUSI who came to cover the event for the evening news, saw our vision statement written on the wall of the foyer… In a City, Loving a City, Impacting a City for Jesus… He turned to me and said you really believe in this, don’t you?
Yes! We do. We totally believe we can love this city and influence this city for Jesus.
Really, that is the story of everything we do. And that is the story of the Tribulation and ultimate glorious appearing of Jesus Christ! This weekend is Chapter Five in our series on the end times, and we want to look at this tragic and wondrous story, and how it tells the story of mankind in the past and future as well as the story of us today.


Pastor Mike

**for more info on this church check out www.cvcf.com** Posted by Picasa



here is Joey playing in front of cousin Jimmies house. Posted by Picasa

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Friday night, As I type this I am having Salsa Music blasting through the walls from somewhere nearby....

It is 7 pm and I had a really good day at work, I helped get the hot breakfast out and then Misty came to the dining room and we had some breakfast. I had written a menu for the coming week and we wrote out a shopping list and went to Costco and Smart and Final. I still have a lot of money left with a little bit more to buy. We will be under budget this week; I think.... I am only mentioning this because Misty was an amazing help to me and I had a truly blessed time as we shopped and got our stuff. After that was over she reorganized the shelves in the kitchen and helped put food away, I returned with an hour to spare before lunch, I had enough time to make a pot of soup. Misty was cleaning and reorganizing the whole time. We had lunch together and I had a thrilling meeting, and then I talked to Kody Spang the base leader about going to the nezt DTS here along with Misty in January. He said he will see what he can do....

Dinner was good we had pasta with meat sauce, pesto sauce and caesar salad. I am now home and cleaned up with the kids in pajamas and Joey watching the Iron Giant. Misty goes to San Diego tommorrow to watch a band competition of Cousin Jimmie's son Chris.

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Friday November 3, 2006
I started off the day yesterday by having some coffee and since it was so early and I had a really good chance I took a walk on the beach. Then the fun started, We had intercessory prayer time for our morning staff meeting, we were mostly praying for Mike and Melissa who had lost their baby, we also did an offering for them to help out with medical expenses. Misty was with the kids yesterday since school was closed, she did talk to Sam who is the wife of the discipleship training school leader Tym; they are from England and they have 4 boys ages 12, 10, 4, and 2....sounds exciting doesn't it. Misty and I have been praying about her upcoming DTS and I think I should go as well, that we we can do it together and be on the same page and process all the information together. We will probably be doing a lot of praying and crying together as well during this time. Yeah, so Misty had a good talk with Sam about that, and I worked on lunch and eventually did a bunch of shopping at Costco and Smart and Final. Today I will be doing a little more shopping and I have to get my menu togeher for next week and figure out how many people we are feeding.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure

Thursday november 2, 2006
I haven't posted because I was busy and I would barely have enough time to get up and have some quiet time and exercise a bit before working. Twice I got a post together and it wouldn't go through for some reason.

Last weeks conference.....
We fed a lot of people, I had a lot of good help, we all survived. I am supposed to get some new equipment so next time we have to feed so many people at once we can manage it better. I made it to some of the teaching sessions there is a DVD coming out sometime so I can see what I missed. I met some neat people while I was around at breaks or during the mealtimes.

Last weekend we went to San Diego to relax, get tires for the van, and see my cousin Jimmie from the Marines. It was a good visit. I have some pictures to stick up on the BLOG later.

I came back to work yesterday, things went well for me, but it was a tough day, a coworker was pregnant and miscarried the night before, so we are dealing with her and her husbands loss (the news hasn't really spread yet though). I am now in the part of my work here where I have to figure out how to get most of the food delivered instead of picking it up, training workers, finding someone to do some of the other dirty jobs here I don't have time for, etc.

Misty has found a project, there is a keybox that has a bunch of unidentified keys inside so she is finding what they open by going to all the doors and locks to try them out then she labels the keys. Joey and Emily are off from school today because it is DAY OF THE DEAD, I have heard of this but I don't know enough about it yet to say anything, later I will run a search on it and find out. Right now it means there a lot of pictures of skeletons that are dressed up nicely, imagine a town filled with Grateful Dead posters everywhere.

Gotta go I will post later.