Monday, October 15, 2007


We came to San Diego for the weekend to visit my Cousins. On Friday we attended the Boot Camp Graduation Ceremony of our cousin Cody at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. My Cousin Jimmy, his dad was there and got us some really nice seats since he is a former drill instructor. Misty took lots of video and we shall post a video from this soon; it was a great ceremony and Joey was really impressed and wants to join the Marines when he grows up. Cody looks really good and it was good to visit, later that day we had dinner at a Recreation center in the military housing where my cousin lives and I met Jimmy’s in-laws and saw the friends of the new Marine. It is also a goodbye weekend as well because Jimmy is about to be deployed to Iraq again with his Marine Corps unit, we will miss him and hope to see him soon.

Joey and Emily are doing well in school and we are very proud of them, Emily always has a gold star for her behavior report and got to go to a special trip to the Library a couple of weeks ago, Joey is getting better at the gold star game and on Thursday was especially good and helpful at school. There was little kid there who didn’t speak any Spanish and was crying and Joey served as the translator and let the little boy know it was alright and his daddy would be there soon to pick him up. The School told Misty that Joey did a very good job helping out when she came to pick up the kids after school. I told Joey I was proud of him too and I shared with him about how I was at a bible study the other night and we are studying Proverbs and we were looking at chapter 3 and I was reading the message version and the verse that says “Do not withhold good from your neighbor when it is your power to do so” reads as something like “when you help someone who is in need you are God’s hands” when I saw that the other day I was really excited because it was a different way of looking at it, I usually automatically remember the Larry Burkett Financial Study stuff about this is the proof text that you should always pay your bills on time. Our bible study group actually had a really good discussion because of this verse about us here in YWAM San Diego/Baja and what we are doing here in Ensenada, and also reaching out to the people we meet right in our neighborhood, or the people coming to the side door of the kitchen to ask for food or water. But back to Joey, I told him that and that he was being Gods hands when he helped out that other little kid at school.

Monday, October 08, 2007


October has arrived and we are getting into our second year here in Ensenada. We have teams every week till Christmas, these groups come from all over and are church's, families, work places, ect. gathering together to come down for a three to four day trip to build and change the lives forever of one of our poor and needy families!

A new DTS has started. We have over 30 students, mostly girls; last weeks speaker was a man from North Carolina named Jack Kody. Misty and I have nice memories of Jack Kody as he comes every DTS and speaks and we get a chance to catch up.

We are going to visit San Diego next week to see our cousins son graduate from the Marine Corps Boot Camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, I am looking forward to that and hopefully Joey and Emily will like it too and are able to handle the ceremony it only lasts an hour so I am hoping they don’t get too antsy.

On Friday night I went out with some of the other staffers to the local red light district to do street ministry. We had a few people playing guitars and a table was set up and we gave out some soup and punch. Good conversations were had with people that came up to us and hung out, One couple was there and they wanted to get help and a couple girls prayed with the couple and we referred them to a rehab center so they can get off of drugs and get off the streets.

Happy Canada Day!!