Friday, November 27, 2009

It’s the day after Thanksgiving...

And we are cleaning up from yesterday’s events. During the past several weeks we have been buying Thanksgiving supplies. The week of Thanksgiving was spent actually prepping all the food and getting everything together. We cooked 14 turkeys, 8 hams plus potatoes, yams, vegetables, salads and how can we do Thanksgiving without Apple and Pumpkin Pies. Eastside Foursquare, and a team named Defender were here for dinner plus the staffers and students, we fed 200 people!
This is the first time for most of the "American" Disicpleship Training School students to be away from home during thanksgiving, so we as a family wanted to make sure that they had a really nice and memorable holiday away from home. Some of the Foriegn students excalimed "wow you guys go all out for Thanksgiving!" Everything turned out great, we had all the help we could ever need from our kitchen staffers Salvador, Anabel, Gemma, and Esther, plus 15 DTS Students were in the kitchen at various times during the day doing whatever had to be done, everyone worked so well together and it had a feel of HOME. Misty and her team were in charge of decorations and making it feel “homey”. It looked amazing with the yellow tablecloths and flowers, candy and candles on the tables.

Bill has been walking on the beach in the mornings when he can get away; it is so beautiful and peaceful. he has been collecting shells, and looking at the birds, it’s also a good time to exercise and spend some time alone talking to the Lord, you can talk or sing or whatever and no one can hear you because of the waves crashing.

Today is the last day of school for the kids for a few weeks; we are going to be traveling to Sparks, Nevada for Christmas Break.

We have asked the kids teachers to give us school work to do while we are in the USA so they don’t get too far behind. So if you speak and write Spanish and would like to tutor Joey and Emily while we are home e-mail us!

We are all looking forward to seeing friends and family and getting some much needed rest.