Sunday, July 29, 2007


Alrighty then, its towards the end of the month and the train of excitement and all the other stuff keeps on rolling! Our last posting was pictures from the group from Sparks Christian Fellowship; we had such an awesome time visiting in the evening, visiting the team when they were out building and doing ministry. My favorite moment was on a Saturday afternoon, we met up with the team at a park where they had been doing evangelism, and helping out a neighbor by painting their house. The team took the sandwiches and other cooler items to the Bahios area (red light district) and handed them out. So I am walking with Emily and getting behind Misty and Sheri Shannon and some others, I was half lost and Emily spotted the rest and we were going up the street and trying to catch up, Emily had a open individual pack of chips and as we walked up the sidewalk we ran into a few of the Prostitutes. It was so sweet seeing Emily giving the girls chips and just being sweet; my heart was touched seeing this. Afterwards we went to the local Applebee’s restaurant THANKS RICH! The whole week was a rush of activity, and it was great seeing everyone.

Since then we have hosted another cycle of Mission Adventures which was 150 mouths to feed, and 2 groups of teams just here to build houses for our needy families, plus we have another team here as I type: 50 teenagers, 4 days, 8 houses, YES 8 Houses! They built 4 houses on Thursday and Friday and another 4 houses on Saturday and Sunday. They are using a new kind of material that we are building here in Ensenada, it's like refrigertation panels, so it keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This team as put in some major hours building these homes, we appreciate their hard work, and most of all their willingness to give the most precious gift of a home to the homeless.

Things get a little crazy here sometimes. Joey is doing a 3 week class doing art and learning about the earth and other climates, the other day they went to the beach to find shells and play in the sand. They were near the YWAM Base and when Joey saw the base he told the other kids “hey I live there” (in Spanish) and than took off up the beach and to home; a few other kids ran after with the teachers shortly thereafter. Misty and I had spotted Joey running around and the other kids and so we met the teachers and handed Joey back over to them. Safe and sound. At least Joey knows where home is. Emily is doing great also, growing up into a beautiful little girl.
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Los 4 Fantastico

To see more photos of our group and the other students here check out.

Generation Serving in Ensenada

Here's our team serving in the Kitchen. We usually ask the students for six volunteers to help out. Not Generation! Everyone got involved! Many hands make light work, is true. They are doing great and have such a great heart to do whatever is needed of them. Tuesday evening we were returning back to our apartment after a time of teaching and worship, and one of our neighbors was getting his groceries out of the back of his truck and a few of our guys, Jake Z., Steven, Randy, ran over and began to help this guy with his stuff. That was such a blessing to see these young guys take the initiative and help out!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Generation Meets a Mexican Youth Group

This afternoon the team spent some time with a local youth group. Togehter they will do an outreach event this weekend. Tomorrow they will begin learning together some drama to share, today was a time to do some team building, play some soccer on the beach, and just hang out while downing an ice cream. Emily and Joey are having a blast too!
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Look Mom and Dad they made it safe and sound! Here is some of our students from our youth group in Sparks, Nevada. "Generation", is here for ten days to learn some really cool evangelistic tools, give food to the hungry, and build a needy family a home. We are excited to have them visit, it's like getting a gift from home. Thank you Lisa S. for the magazines and other stuff that Hil says she has but hasn't given it to us yet, hey there's still time! I'll keep snapping photos and giving you updates whenever possible, check back often.

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