Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surgery and Summer

The Surgery happened!!! After 2 hours my hernia and varicose veins were removed and replaced by stitches and gauze bandages. I spent a boring night in the hospital and went home and rested there.  The worst part was laying on my back, it was so boring.  I have been walking and working a little bit but I have to be very careful not to strain my stomach.  Most of the stitches are now out and I am looking forward to July when I should be all healed up and able to go swimming in the ocean.  That was the worst part of the leg ulcer I had last year, not being able to go swimming.  Maybe I will even get to go to the waterpark with the kids in July.

The Summer Mission Adventures season has started, I am working with various young people from different states, Canada, and England too; that's the best part of my job meeting lots of different people.  Its also the hardest part, every day in the kitchen is somebodies first day on the job so every day we have to explain every thing as best as we can and hope for the best. YWAM's foundational values involve prayer, worship, championing young people so they can do ministry, working in teams, evangelism, and value families and individuals...good stuff like that.  I have come to the realization that working as effectively and efficiently as possible is not listed. I haven't had a chance to ask the founder or a senior leader if that is intentional or not.  But, anyway, we continue our work and keep doing evangelism, and Mercy Ministries and teach others to do the same.

Misty has been working a lot to take up my slack as well as everything else she was doing, and Joey and Emily are almost done with school for the year; Emily will graduate from kindergarten and Joey will finish 2nd grade.  Next year they will be together at the same school, that's going to be a wonderful thing especially for mom when she is taking kids to and from school. Also next year of school it will be within walking distance as well so that will be fun too.