Monday, October 09, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
We are in Ensenada and have been here since Friday afternoon. We have moved into our apartment and have done some shopping to get a couple of needed items. Once it is all complete we should post a picture so everyone can see how homey Misty will make it.

The weekend here was pretty quiet, the DTS students were still in Tijauna and one the two building teams left for the day it was just us and a couple other families and the kids. Bill had a meeting with Tamara and Melissa the hospitality director and the current kitchen manager. I spent some time in the early mornings working on the Menu for the Conference that will be happening in a couple of weeks. Today I am looking in the kitchen at what equipment we have and what we need. I found a couple of hampers full of dirty towels so I got them started in the laundry and later today I plan to go out with one of the cooks to see a couple of places where food is procured.

Meanwhile Misty is driving to San Diego today to pick up some stuff from our storage unit, and get a couple of floor rugs hopefully. We wanted to post earlier but the wireless internet key number was with someone who was in Tijuana, now I have it and we will be really rolling at home. I may even post the Saturday morning post I had ready but wasn't able to post during the weekend.

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

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van b's said...

well,that's great! does this mean no more work visa/immigration/waiting prayer requests? i'm excited to pray for something new! miss u fridays the most! love u guys...enjoy your new place!