Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Moss Family Adventure

The Moss Family Adventure
Thursday evening

Well we waited to hear about our visa's and I guess we might find out tomorrow. We did have breakfast with one of the leaders from the Ensenada Base. Cody Spang seems like a real good guy and has been married for a month. After breakfast we drove down to the zoo and looked around and saw animals with the kids. After a while they were getting too tired to enjoy the zoo, so we went home had naps and went to my cousin's wife and kids and visited and had some frozen yogurt at a fun place where they charge you 29 cents an ounce for your yogurt and toppings. We like seeing our cousins, we also miss my cousin Jimmie who is in Iraq with the USMC, soon we will be seeing him again though. I will end by saying that we are all ready to get on to Mexico, Joey was saying I want to go home, Joey...we all want to go home, soon we will be making our new home.


Shannon Family said...

Moss Family,

It took a bit for me to figure out the whole blog log in but if things go well I think I'm in. Sorry to hear that you are still in SD. I was pretty stoked when Misty sent the text that you were on your way. I guess the more you pack and unpack the easier it will get. We are getting ready to launch the scfyouth website and are including a link to your blog to help people get in the habit of checking here to get caught up with you all. I sure miss "the best assistant I ever had". We are getting by though and can't wait to hear from you all when you finally get "home" and get a chance to settle in. Right now you are taking Global Adventure to a new high. Missing and praying for you all. The Shannons

Naomi said...

Hi! This is the first time we've slowed down enough this week to find your blog! It sounds like you're doing lots of fun things, but wishing to do the things you were called to! We'll be praying for you to get your visas soon! Love, Cliff and Noni