Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Exploded!

Spring is here and Emily's class celebrated by dressing up in different spring animals. She is a "Princess Duck".  Joey's school took a different approach and celebrated opening up a new Library at the school. The theme was Brazilian and he had to dress up and dance to a cool dance.  School events are always fun for us. It's great way to get out into the community and talk to people about what we do and why we have chosen to be here in Ensenada. Recently Misty had a conversation while doing laundry, the young lady asked why do you live here, I've been trying for 5 years to move to the states. The US is such a great place, and there is more opportunities for your kids and for me. Misty said you are very true, the US is a great place so is Ensenada, Australia, Canada, the world is amazing, and there are opportunities everywhere you go! IF you can't get into the states due to Visa issues than try another country. 
Just GO! Move forward!
Forward is our Mission Adventures theme. This spring we had over 400 students come and build houses, dress up like clowns and give hope, balloons and love to kids in orphanages, and in neighborhoods. Joey and Emily are right in the middle of everything! They watch the students prepare for outreach, they get to know the students and adults. Most likely we find Emily getting her hair done, her nails painted, and sitting with the girls for meals. Joey hangs with the boys learning new games, making new friends, and having good memorable times.  We like to hear the insight Joe has to the teachings are music that is being played. It's fun seeing how ministry is affecting our kids, and how their faith is beginning to grow.

It's been a couple of weeks that our mom has been living just down the street. We see her everyday now and that's been great! She has helped make the 400 sandwiches over MA, and is helping in the finance office. She looks great and is very happy to be serving and loving her grand kids!

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