Sunday, April 04, 2010

How I Feel Sometimes!

How I feel Sometimes

I have been pretty busy lately, we have had Mission Adventures going and building happening as well, the pace is challenging but it is better than sitting around doing nothing. I got to have a nice day off on Friday me and the family went to breakfast at a local restaurant and then watched a movie. We watched the movie about how to train your Dragon. Joey really liked it the most it was really something a 7 year old would like. I have been having to learn about how to delegate jobs and teach others how to do some of the jobs that I do. I can't keep on doing everything myself forever even if thats what I want to do. I learned how to cook on a Submarine, where you do it all alone and you better get it done on time or you are in a world of hurt. Thats a good thing and a bad thing. So I am learning to let go, let others be free to fail, trust others.... its really hard for me, because I really like CONTROL!!!!
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