Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year..... Lets do this!

I dont really have pictures for this post, its just words. We have been home back in Mexico for a couple weeks almost. After the trip to Nevada we all felt very rested and refreshed. it was an awesome time visiting friends, family, getting things caught up and RESTING. I spent so much time sleeping and taking naps. Misty and the kids too! There were a couple days of doing absolutely nothing it was great. Christmas Eve we went to church, had dinner, opened presents; on Chistmas Day we got up and Misty and I started packing suitcases and boxes and did the last minute laundry and at about 2 pm we were at the airport and we were back here at about 8:30 in the evening. I was so ready to get back to work and get ready for the upcoming weekend, we had teams arriving soon and one of the biggest deluxe builds was going to happen.

SO Saturday I get the money to buy the food and supplies and somewhere along the way before I made it into the Costco to shop I managed to lose a Ziplock bag with about 43 thousand Pesos. I was in shock, and had to tell the base director, make a police report, and then get more money and try it again on Sunday, we got everything out on Monday morning, and then on Monday afternoon I noticed the gas tank was empty, so that was another adventure to get the tank filled, we had to do a HUGE breakfast on Tuesday morning for all our teams building with us.

That week is over, so thats good, and now we now have the New DTS here, they start their school today; we even have a couple here from Sparks Christian Fellowship. Misty and I are looking forward to getting to know Nolan and Stephanie Jones really well while they are here.

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