Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday!!! Another Cycle starts!!!!

Last weekend was pretty fast, I had no time to even have a computer on much less post on the blog. We have been in the process of changing apartments from across the street to a 2nd floor apartment here on the actual YWAM Base; we are pretty much settled in except for one small detail: our kitchen cupboards need to be purchased and installed. We also need to move our Satellite dish over and get it re installed, along with a ceiling fan we have at the other apartment. The important thing is that the beds are over and the living room is set up and it is a lot roomier than across the street. The living room is wider, we had to make a sacrifice, and have everyone together in the bedroom though to get the roomier living room and awesome view of the ocean. It took a lot of thinking about it till we found a way it would work but Misty and I feel good about it. The way the walls were set up and the giant wardrobe in one corner that was installed there was no way to have 2 rooms out of that space. We are going to set some privacy dividers but for now its a good arrangement, everyone has lots of space and the goofy wall next to the bedroom window makes an awesome walk in closet with PLENTY of space for the stuff we have. A lot of people helped us move during the weekend and without them it would have been impossible.

The kids are having a good time living on the base and they have been spending a lot of time playing with the other base kids in an unhurried fashion and things don't get cut short when it is time for mom or dad to have a time out, all we have to do now is just go home and keep the door open to hear what is going on.

SO that's how things are today,

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