Friday, March 02, 2007

March Already!!

WOW, where is the time going? We had an amazing time last weekend. We are working on getting some photos and a video done to show you the house build. We started Sat. morning with a warm breakfast and an orientation on how to correctly put a nail into wood. After that we were off to a new area of Ensenada. Our house was near the downtown in the mountains area. The Family Gresiel and her two daughter were waiting along with her mom and dad, and the co-Mayor of Ensenada, his wife, and another man on the city council. It's been awesome to see God moving in the city government these past months. We all got to pray for the family on the foundation of their new home. We then split into teams, me and the kids were on the painting team!! We had a blast painting our hands first and then the boards. While painting we met a new friend same age as Joe he lived a few house down from the build, Joe played a bit with this little guy while Emily and I helped his grandma pull weeds. I was happy to see in the midst of this amazing work for this family we are being use to bless another family. Dad was back at the base finishing up his work. When he arrived we had lunch and got back to painting! It was great to work side by side with G and her cute girls, we have many pictures but they are not on our camera, they are soon to come! Cleanup was next and by 5 we were back at that base exhausted! After a quick scrub down in the shower, the kids fell asleep and slept through dinner and the whole evening they were pretty wiped out. The next morning it was another wonderful HOT breakfast (I tell you this because it's not everyday we get hot breakfast) then off to the build site, the walls were up and roofing was being started, we were again on paint duty this time inside. Mom did most of the painting while Bill and the kids were outside playing. We hope to go back and visit again soon! Together as a DTS this was awesome for us all to gel together as a team! I know it is an amazing blessing for G and her girls to receive shelter but it was more amazing to be used by God to bless this family and the family down the road. You who read this site are blessing us as well by your prayers, and support! I love God's perfect circle of blessings, don't you! Thanks again, and we look forward to getting photos and a video up here soon! March is going to be fun! Marie our niece will be having a birthday, and at the end of the month the "Cruise Girls" are coming for a visit. We are excited and can't wait!!

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